20 random things about me

Hey friends,

So this month I’ve decided to keep it light. Just to get to kno each other a little better, here are a few things about me, bluntly and randomly!

  • I’m Sarah, I’m 27, I was born in Canada. I grew up between Martinique, Canada and the Netherlands. I’ve been living in Paris since 2004, with a brief two-year stint in Toronto a few years ago.
  • I’ve got three brothers, whom I love deeply and a multitude of cousins. I consider my family and inner circle as a tribe that I am ready to defend fiercely !
  • I admire my parents, who always protected us and made us their priority, even when living on two separate continents.
  • I now realise that I am scared of silence when I’m alone.
  • I have an addiction to TV shows! I ave watched (and still do) everything: from Sex and the City to Gossip Girl including Westworld! Currently watching: The Good Wife, Jane The Virgin and of course Grey’s Anatomy, classic!
  • I love travelling by train, especially facing backwards, and contemplating the scenery.
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years, and I have more recently discovered food intolerances that have led me to a plant-based diet. I don’t like to label my diet, because above all I chose to eat what makes me feel good and what speaks to me.
  • I don’t know how to pack a suitcase in less than two hours (I’m not even exaggerating)!
  • I don’t like to procrastinate, it makes me feel like I’m wasting time. I like to make my decisions quickly (not without thinking them through of course) so I can get into action. On this note, I recommend episode #206 of « The Life Coach School Podcast » in which Brooke Castillo found the perfect words to explain what I mean.
  • At almost 28 years of age, I still have eyes bigger than my stomach! I often eat more than my boyfriend and I am only now learning how to control my appetite! Big help: lemon juice in warm water every morning.

  • Seven years ago I decided to go back to natural hair. After having an afro for a little while, I started my locks, and have never turned back, I love my locks!
  • I speak and laugh loudly when I’m in good company, my father is always nagging me about it, but my friends seem to love my laugh!
  • I love to play music loud and sing and dance alone at home!
  • I don’t have a green thumb and I unfortunately have had some casualties, but I’ve decided to change that and with my friend Julia’s advice I am making progress! My ficus, my pilea, my dossinia, my cactus et my succulents, as well as my little kitchen garden are doing just fine!
  • I have a fez years of compulsive shopping behind me (clothes, bags, shoes to mention a few) but I’ve recently decided to switch to a more reasoned consumption pattern on my way to minimalism!
  • I love to spend hours in Aromazone to learn about all the ingredients nature has to offer and come up with new natural cosmetics recipes.
  • I am very clumsy, and that annoys more than one person around me! I’ve stopped counting the broken glasses a while ago!
  • I tend to think in English – don’t ask me why – which sometimes leads me to a few anglicisms or to stumble on certain words in French. My friends think this makes me a snob and always make fun of me! And don’t get me started on my Dad the translator!
  • I can’t live without music! Good music in my ears could almost get rid of all my sorrows!
  • I am an eternal romantic, I believe in crazy, eternal and passionate love and I adore romantic chick flicks!

So here are a few facts about me! I’d love to learn a few things about you! Tell me about you by leaving a comment down here!

Til next month,


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