The best outfit to practice

Hey my friends!

This month, on popular demand (from my dear yoginis), we’ll be talking clothes! And of course it’ll all be about yoga clothing! (Pssst, stay until the end, there’s a promo code waiting for you 😉)

So the first thing I’d like to say probably goes against the point of this article but you can actually practice in anything you want, as long as you feel comfortable so that you can move freely.

That being said, to feel good on your mat, I have a few tips for you:

  1. Avoid cuts that are too tight or make you feel stuffed, you need to be able to breathe fully
  2. Also avoid clothes that are too thick and could bother you in certain postures
  3. Choose natural, breathable fabrics, especially for you top
  4. Ladies, avoid tight sport bras that prevent you forme breathing openly in the chest
  5. Gentlemen, you will want to choose bottoms (shorts or pants) with a rather low crotch, so it doesn’t restrict you in the wide-legged postures

So here are a few tips to choose your outfit for practice, but of course, I wasn’t going to let you go without telling you about my favourites 😉

There is a little shop that I like for everything yoga related in Paris: Yoga Concept, that has quite a large choice of outfits for women and men. In particular (for you ladies) the brand Moon Child that was my favourite for legging for a while! Their high-rise leggings provide a second-skin sensation for ultimate comfort. They are snug but not too tight. You will also find other interesting brands, foreign for the most part. The staff is very nice in the store but Yoga Concept also has an online store for the busiest of us 😉

While I like my bottoms quite close-fitting in order not to be bothered during practice, I prefer lighter, more fluid shapes for the top. At Yoga Searcher, you’ll find bamboo, coton and other natural fabrics and some pieces are coloured with plant-based dye. Yoga Searcher carries light and comfortable cuts such as their seamless leggings for example, for maximum comfort. The products are made in Europe and eco-friendly.

Recently I have been trying to find brands that are close to my values and I’ve discovered Kitiwaké and Teeki.

Kitiwaké makes their clothes in France and in Portugal, in a environment-friendly manner and with natural and comfortable fabrics.

Teeki is an American brand that designs original clothes with fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles. The pieces are hand-sawn in eco-friendly workshops in the US. I have a few pieces from Teeki of which I am absolutely satisfied! They are comfortable and very nicely cut. Little bonus: if you place an order using the following link, you’ll get 10% off you total: !

You can also check out Sankalpa, another American brand, that I’ve already told you about when I wrote about mats, and that now makes leggings with very original designs created by independent artists and yogis around the world. The good thing is that most of the products for European orders are made in Europe.

Lastly, I’d like to tell you about the latest brand I have discovered: Oceans Apart, a Californian brand that makes sport clothing in sustainable and 100% vegan fabrics.

There you go my friends, I hope you’ll find your favorite outfit for practice!

Enjoy the practice, talk to you soon


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