Yoga in My Garden

My roots

I’ve kept from Canada, where I was born, this attraction to nature and wide spaces, and probably my attachment to exercise and well-being.
But it’s in Martinique, where I come from, that I have my roots: my sense of family, that need to live with music, and that eternal attraction to warmth and sunny places!
After a short time in the Netherlands, it’s in Paris that I became an adult. Paris is where I became independent, where I developed confidence, where I met my closest friends and where I discovered love!
And it’s also in Paris that I had my first contacts with Yoga.


My discovery of yoga

I attended my first classes with my mom in 2008, and if at that time the postures were quite accessible to me, I had a harder time letting go and relaxing in class! I have to admit, it was not really love at first sight, I liked it a lot, but I did not have that epiphany that so many people experience when discovering yoga. However, I never stopped practicing, it became part of me  and I know today these were my very first steps on this amazing path…

Yoga (yuj) = to join, to unite

It is through this simple word that yoga takes all its sense for me: in yoga I see unity, unity of the mind and body, of course, but also unity within oneself! Step by step, as I move forward on my path, yoga has brought this feeling of unity that I was lacking before. Thanks to my practice, I have found tools to try and become the best version of myself everyday ! I know my body better, I know how to listen to it and understand it.

I have understood that there is a real dialog between my body and my mind: the practice has an impact on my thoughts, my state of mind, I can use it to clear my mind and find more lightness. With yoga I have gotten to know myself and I have improved my relationship to myself, but also with others. I find more truth and more honesty in my relationships, and they are all the more fulfilling.


My practice

With yoga, day after day, I am getting to know my body and what it needs better, but also my mind and its mechanisms, and I am happier in my relationships with the people around me.

Over time, I have come to understand the signification of this Sutra, that I particularly like:

Yogashchittavrittinirodhah – “Yoga is the quieting of the fluctuations of the mind”, Yoga Sutra, I.2

The practice of yoga, through the concentration it requires, enables the quieting of the mind. When focusing my energy and concentration on my body and my breathing, my head empties, my thoughts simmer down and the fluctuations of my mind ease down to make space for more intuitive sensations, more lightness and more serenity. Space is created in my body and my mind, and I feel more free!

Over the years, I have found and matured my practice. Today, my practice looks like me: I practice according to my wants and needs, my mood, my energy, my state of mind. My yoga is not set in time or in space, it happens always and everywhere!

For me yoga is a daily application, that goes far beyond being on the mat. It has become more than a practice, a state of mind. It is treating our body with respect, love and attention, listening to it and doing what makes us feel good. It is also taking time to observe and listen to our mind and thoughts and knowing how to appease them with practice, breathing, concentration and meditation. It is trying to live every moment, every action and every relationship in full consciousness. It is trying to radiate tolerance and open-mindedness around ourselves, as much as possible, because it is important to accept others and to accept ourselves just the way we are. Finally, it is accepting our mistakes and our weaknesses, but also that of others, accepting that they are part of us, being understanding towards ourselves and others. Yoga is a way of life ! A way of life with which I have found tools to bring a certain serenity outside the mat, and I am so grateful for that!

Naturally, I soon felt the longing to share this discovery, that brings me so much every single day.  There is nothing better than sharing the practice and witnessing other people benefit from it in their turn!

I try to teach yoga and share this beautiful discipline around me with as much humility, love and dedication as possible. Through my classes I aspire to spread my love of the practice and  guide the people who trust me enough to embark on this adventure with me as best as I can!

See you soon on the mat!

Namaste 🙏🏽


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